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Poko's Adventures

Another Amazing Tripawds Three Legged Dog Blog
Poko's Adventures

Dog Park – ups and downs

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Well, we tried it!  Poko and I went to the dog park on Friday, Saturday and Sunday!  The dog park near our house is not very crowded, in fact, sometimes you’re the only one there, and waiting for someone to show up.

On Friday, Poko got his feet wet by playing with Gracie, a 1 year old shepard mix.  She was a great introduction back to the dog park.  We only stayed a short time, as I didn’t want Poko to over do it.  But he got a chance to run a little, and to sniff a lot!  A couple of huskies showed up just as we were leaving.  All the meet and greets went well.  Everyone was amazed at how mobile and active Poko was with only 3 legs.

Saturday we went back, and Poko got to play with Suede, a 1 year old Australian Shepard, and then we were joined by a golden retriever.  Poko was trying to hump poor Suede, and would fall.  It was really pathetic, and you could see Poko’s confusion.  So, between my embarassment and Poko’s confusion, we didn’t stay too long then either.

Sunday Poko played with Trooper, a young German Shepard, and another black lab.  After a while of running, the other lab got jealous over the ball, the Shepard came running to the rescue, bumping into Poko and then Poko started to growl.  He hasn’t behaved like this before, so we wrapped it up, and headed home.  All in all, it was good.  Definetely true about getting tired quickly.  We didn’t stay more than 15 minutes each time, and of that less than 5 minutes of running.

Last night, Poko fell in our yard, when trying to play fetch.  He tried to turn quickly and landed flat on his side.  He kind of laid there for a second, stunned, and then got up, wimpered a little.  He came over to me without a problem, and was seemingly normal after that.  Guess we still have a little ways to go before he’s completely used to being tri-pawd.

Next time I’m going to take pictures at the dog park….  and the hair is starting to grow back!



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4 Responses to “Dog Park – ups and downs”

  1.   kazy55 Says:

    Oh, that sounds about right! My black lab Ajax (right rear amp 7/19/10)took it step by step when it came to playing with other dogs, and also had a few mishaps that surprised more than hurt him. Now, almost 1.5 years post op, he has it down to a science – he finds older but rowdy dogs to play with, and only tries to hump dogs that are at exactly the right height for him to prop himself up on. Cunning tripawd!

  2.   etgayle Says:

    being a tripawd makes a pup a little more defensive…there’s less of a chance of being able to run away or being able to fight and win in their minds… glad you guys had a little fun with the other pups, we’d love to see some pictures!!!

    charon & gayle

  3.   jerry Says:

    Sounds like a good time! Well, I remember learning how to get my bearings too, it took me a while. Mom and Dad called me Mister Stumbles for a long time.

    Yes, pictures please! Those pups sound like a good time!

  4.   trifod2004 Says:

    Kazy, I’m trying to imagine a tripawd dog trying to “hump”. How do they keep from falling off? LOL When Cadence scoots around the floor scratching her itchy rear, it is quite a sight to see her pulling herself along with her front paws and the one remaining leg moving along.

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